About us

Years of experience in organizing national and international conferences, conventions, meetings, foreign travel, and all other events with a smaller or larger number of participants allowed us to create high quality and wide range of services tailored to your requirements.

Pay special attention to proposals for social and cultural events, associated with a set that we organize. We work with reliable suppliers related to professional audiovisual equipment, exhibiting props, printing and design, scientific publishing, and the existing excellent business relationships with hotel companies provide us successfully manage events.

  • We are in constant search for new , interesting places where events can be held.
  • We visited many sites that would certainly choose the one that suits your needs and preferences.
  • Accommodation for participants selected according to the highest standards.
  • We commit ourselves to create informative, tasty and innovative brochure.
  • We provide tourist support for participants and their escorts.

We recognize the importance of new technologies and their impact in the event management industry. We place great importance on our information system developed for processing applications and abstracts and handling group registrations, science programs, received review procedures and financial management events. Our services are not only personal, reliable, efficient and consistent, but also cost-effective!

All events organized by the enthusiasm and skill, on time and within budget, which covers all possible and expected costs.

Special events deserve a unique place and a special treatment of qualified organizers. We will allow you to become your event unique! Combining creativity and logic, skill and knowledge, experience and expertise, we transform ordinary events into extraordinary.